Club history

The Terramar Golf Club is one of the best clubs in Spain.
Sport, gastronomy, leisure and culture make Terramar a club
with history and tradition.

  • Terramar Garden City

    The construction of Terramar Garden City commenced in 1919.
    Terramar Park Hotel became the club’s social headquarters
    and regular meeting place.

  • Origins

    A group of enthusiastic players who had discovered the new,
    fashionable sport of golf, were able to play their first shots on
    the original 9-hole course that had sand-covered greens.
    The dress code was rather different from present fashion.

  • The flood-river

    The flood-river and its spectacular floods have been
    a recurring characteristic right from the beginning.

  • Terramar Park Hotel
    closes down

    Terramar Park Hotel closes down.
    The budding club moves its club house
    to a small building nearby.

  • First enlargement

    The first extensión of the course is undertaken and
    Terrajar hosts the Spanish National Championship

  • Grass-covered

    A spectacular, 18-hole course in a unique sea-front setting,
    with all the services one would expect.

  • The suspension

    The suspension bridge constructed across
    the flood-river formed part of the outline of
    the club’s landscape for many years.

  • Club’s icons

    The former club house beside the old
    hotel and the dovecote.
    Two of Terramar Golf Club’s icons.

  • The start of the
    expansion to 18 holes

    One of the greatest
    challenges at that time.

  • The dream
    comes true

    The Terramar Golf Club sees one of the
    your big dreams. 18 holes.

  • Severiano Ballesteros
    in the club

    A very young Severiano Ballesteros participates
    in the Catalan Individual Professional Championship
    at Terramar Golf Club

  • Distinction

    The Real Federación Española de Golf confers
    “Placa al Mérito en Golf” (Insignia of Honour in Golf)
    to Terramar.

  • Club House

    The present club house is inaugurated.
    It is spacious, integrated in the surroundings
    and built in a distinctively Mediterranean style.

  • The Dovecote

    The dovecote is transferred
    to its current location.

  • XVIII European
    Club Cup

    Francisco Valera, Juan Manuel Leach and
    Felipe García,
win the XVIII European Club Cup,
    a milestone in the club’s history.

  • The lakeside holes

    The lakeside holes that extended
    the course are inaugurated.

  • Pitch&Putt

    Three pitch & putt holes are built
    for practicing, fun and as initiation
    holes for the youngest children.

  • Club house extension

    An ambitious project extending
    the club house and adding new
    facilities is inaugurated.

  • Sergio Garcia returns

    Sergio García, who had competed at Terramar
    in his early years, returns to play once more.

  • The Mediterranean
    Par 3

    The new Mediterranean par 3 hole is inaugurated
    çand becomes Terramar’s Signature Hole.
It’s the first major component of the Master Plan.

  • Ladies’ Open

    In an exciting play-off, Florentyna Parker wins
    the first Estrella Damm Mediterranean
Ladies’ Open
    at Terramar, among a star-studded field and in the
    presence of Annika Sörenstam, one of the world’s
    femenine golf icons.

  • Ladies’ Open

    An exhibition by Dutch golfer, Anne Van Dam,
    who dominated the second edition of the Estrella
    Damm Mediterranean Ladies’ Open from start to
    finish with a final score of 26 under par.

  • Ladies Open

    After two unsuccessful attempts, Carlota Ciganda
    won the third edition of the Estrella Damm 
    Ladies’ Open with a final score of 8 under par, one less
    than the German player, Esther Heinseleit.

    Esther Heinseleit.

  • New holes

    The Master Plan continues to materialise and
    Terramar inaugurates three new holes, one par 3,
    one par 4 and a provisional par 5.

  • Completion of
    the Master Plan

    Terramar undergoes a significant transformation in
    the design of the course as a result of the creation
    of another lake beside the 10th hole and the medication
    of holes 10, 13 and 15.

  • Ladies Open

    The Ladies’ circuit confronts the Covid crisis
    and Maja Stark is proclaimed winner of
the Estrella
    Damm Ladies’ Open presented by Catalunya, thanks
    to a final round in which she cut back 7 strokes on
    the overnight leaders.

  • Ladies Open

    Carlota Ciganda is proclaimed champion of the Estrella Damm Ladies Open presented by Catalunya and with the illusion of playing at home she wins the 5th star.